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1.0 Bibles Before 1611
1.1 Background: The English Reformation
1.2 Background: The Development of Printing
1.3 Wycliffe: The First English Translation
1.4 Knox: Supporting the Reformation
2.0 King James Verson 1611
2.1 Favoured Version for 300 Years
2.2 Rules for Translators
2.3 The Canon of Scripture
2.4 Tyndale's Earlier Work
2.5 Coverdale & the Great Bible
2.6 Support from Luther
3.0 Modern Versions
3.1 Updating the KJV
3.2 Methods of Translation
3.3 Word for Word Versions
3.4 Thought for Thought Versions
3.5 English Translations of the Latin Bible
3.6 Which Translation for Me?
4.0 What the Bible Says
4.1 God the Creator
4.2 The Word of God
4.3 God's Word in Prophecy
4.4 The Jews - God's Witnesses
4.5 Jesus - God's Son
4.6 Jesus - The Coming King
4.7 Our Need for God
4.8 God's Love for Us
4.9 Our Response
5.0 Where to Start
5.1 God's Inspired Word
6.0 We Would Like to Help
6.1 Conclusion
Exhibition Event

The Bible - Past, Present and Future

This fascinating new exhibition came to Macclesfield in the first week of August 2011. It celebrated the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible (1611 - 2011).

Centred round a display of original early Bibles, the exhibition explained how some amazing characters devoted, and sometimes lost, their lives in their efforts to preserve God’s word and translate it into the language of the common people. The drama also involved other powerful individuals, including kings and queens, who encouraged or hindered the work for their own selfish or political ends. From this complex interplay of conviction, passion and power, emerged the King James Version (KJV), which through its beauty, clarity, nobility and poetry has had a lasting effect on the faith and language of the English-speaking peoples.
As well as telling the story of the KJV, the exhibition showed how the work of Bible translation and revision has continued up to the present, and outlined how the key messages of the Bible still have relevance to our lives today and to the future that our world is facing. For those interested in getting better acquainted with the Bible message, the exhibition also offered advice on choosing a Bible, using study aids and finding courses or discussion groups to help make the Bible more accessible.
To read more about the people and events that led to us having the Bible in our own language, click on one of the following links:
  1. Bibles Before 1611
  2. King James Version 1611
  3. Modern Versions
  4. What the Bible Says
  5. Where to Start
  6. We Would Like to Help
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