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1.0 Bibles Before 1611
1.1 Background: The English Reformation
1.2 Background: The Development of Printing
1.3 Wycliffe: The First English Translation
1.4 Knox: Supporting the Reformation
2.0 King James Verson 1611
2.1 Favoured Version for 300 Years
2.2 Rules for Translators
2.3 The Canon of Scripture
2.4 Tyndale's Earlier Work
2.5 Coverdale & the Great Bible
2.6 Support from Luther
3.0 Modern Versions
3.1 Updating the KJV
3.2 Methods of Translation
3.3 Word for Word Versions
3.4 Thought for Thought Versions
3.5 English Translations of the Latin Bible
3.6 Which Translation for Me?
4.0 What the Bible Says
4.1 God the Creator
4.2 The Word of God
4.3 God's Word in Prophecy
4.4 The Jews - God's Witnesses
4.5 Jesus - God's Son
4.6 Jesus - The Coming King
4.7 Our Need for God
4.8 God's Love for Us
4.9 Our Response
5.0 Where to Start
5.1 God's Inspired Word
6.0 We Would Like to Help
6.1 Conclusion
4.4 The Jews - God's Witnesses

The Jews – Gods Witnesses

Why the Jews? - God tells us in the Bible, many times.

Not because they are holier than other nationalities.

Like all of us they mirror human nature, unable to imitate God’s characteristics,

Their God fearing ancestor Abraham however, was given promises, as we read in the Bible and is a recurring theme throughout.  “Jews and Arabs would become great nations”. (Genesis 12:2 & 17:20)

To the Jews, God gave a special privilege “they would be His witnesses to the world” (Isaiah 43:10)

Their reactions have ranged from:

·         they obeyed - God blessed them - they became prosperous.


·         they disobeyed his principles and sought their own way - they were persecuted.

So Jews became a byword and scattered throughout the world, then miraculously, against all odds, largely against their own will they were re-established as a nation in 1948 after nearly 2000 years without a homeland.

We know about the Holocaust, Hitler exterminated so many Jews, but God said

“I will gather you up from all the nations and bring you home again to your land.  But remember, I am not doing this because You deserve it”, but for my Holy Name’s sake” (Ezekiel 36:22 NIV).

Hitler certainly did fulfil God’s predictions in the Bible regarding their persecution.

God’s plan is realised despite man’s aim to thwart it.

Israel, specifically Jerusalem, is always in the news. Why?

Unsuccessful peace talks in the Middle East. Why?

Arab hatred of the Jews why?

It is all in God’s plan and purpose for Israel, and ultimately the world.

Their continued existence leads to the time when God says “I will gather all nations against Jerusalem for battle” (Zechariah 14:2 NIV). We often hear people talk about Armageddon – a great conflict. The Bible says that this is the time when Jesus will return to earth. These events will affect all of us, they will ultimately bring to the Jews a realisation of who they are, what they have done to God and recognition of Jesus as Son of God and their future King.

So watch Israel.. - Their perilous situation, surrounded by enemies, their history, the promises made to them down the ages in the Bible are the things that witness to the truth of the Bible - God’s word. So watch what happens to their witness to God in the world

God said; I do not this for your sakes, O house of Israel, but for mine holy name’s  sake, (Ezekiel 36:22 AV)

In the end the Jews will accept Jesus as their saviour and king – and so must we.
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