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1.0 Bibles Before 1611
1.1 Background: The English Reformation
1.2 Background: The Development of Printing
1.3 Wycliffe: The First English Translation
1.4 Knox: Supporting the Reformation
2.0 King James Verson 1611
2.1 Favoured Version for 300 Years
2.2 Rules for Translators
2.3 The Canon of Scripture
2.4 Tyndale's Earlier Work
2.5 Coverdale & the Great Bible
2.6 Support from Luther
3.0 Modern Versions
3.1 Updating the KJV
3.2 Methods of Translation
3.3 Word for Word Versions
3.4 Thought for Thought Versions
3.5 English Translations of the Latin Bible
3.6 Which Translation for Me?
4.0 What the Bible Says
4.1 God the Creator
4.2 The Word of God
4.3 God's Word in Prophecy
4.4 The Jews - God's Witnesses
4.5 Jesus - God's Son
4.6 Jesus - The Coming King
4.7 Our Need for God
4.8 God's Love for Us
4.9 Our Response
5.0 Where to Start
5.1 God's Inspired Word
6.0 We Would Like to Help
6.1 Conclusion
5.1 God's Inspired Word

Inspiration in the writing, translation and reading of Gods Word

If you ask Christians about inspiration they will agree on one thing, that God guided the men who wrote the scriptures. As the apostle Peter said, “for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21).

In terms of the practicalities of how God inspired the Bible writers you are likely to get various opinions from ‘God controlled every word’ to ‘God guided what they wrote without affecting their personal style’.

One bishop wrote. “The Holy Spirit that was breathed into the mind of the writer, so illumined his spirit and pervaded his thoughts, that while nothing that individualised him as a man was taken away, everything that was necessary to enable him to declare Divine Truth in all its fullness was bestowed and superadded”

We hope it is evident through this exhibition that God has cared for, and guarded His Word over many years so that it is still has a message relevant for us for today and the future. This was the basis of our title The Bible – Past, present & Future. We have showed how God worked through individuals like Wycliffe and Tyndale who devoted their lives to Gods purpose; and others like Mary Tudor and King James who wanted an English translation for their own ends. So through all these ways of men, some voluntarily and some unknowingly, God has moved people to carry out his work without taking away any of their individualism.

As readers we are also called upon to put our own human aspirations aside and let Gods word fill us so that his message gets through to our hearts without corruption by our own pride. If we can do this in our reading we complete the process of inspiration from writing to reading and make all the dedication by God and the translators we have read about worthwhile.

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