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1.0 Bibles Before 1611
1.1 Background: The English Reformation
1.2 Background: The Development of Printing
1.3 Wycliffe: The First English Translation
1.4 Knox: Supporting the Reformation
2.0 King James Verson 1611
2.1 Favoured Version for 300 Years
2.2 Rules for Translators
2.3 The Canon of Scripture
2.4 Tyndale's Earlier Work
2.5 Coverdale & the Great Bible
2.6 Support from Luther
3.0 Modern Versions
3.1 Updating the KJV
3.2 Methods of Translation
3.3 Word for Word Versions
3.4 Thought for Thought Versions
3.5 English Translations of the Latin Bible
3.6 Which Translation for Me?
4.0 What the Bible Says
4.1 God the Creator
4.2 The Word of God
4.3 God's Word in Prophecy
4.4 The Jews - God's Witnesses
4.5 Jesus - God's Son
4.6 Jesus - The Coming King
4.7 Our Need for God
4.8 God's Love for Us
4.9 Our Response
5.0 Where to Start
5.1 God's Inspired Word
6.0 We Would Like to Help
6.1 Conclusion
6.1 Conclusion


On the one hand, there is reason to regret the huge number of versions available to us because the motivation behind some of the new translations appears to be market driven. On the other hand, there is reason for thankfulness that the Word of God is available to us in so many versions.

However, we must always remember two things.

Firstly, we must keep in mind that The Bible must be prayed over, studied, and have its messages committed to the heart in order for it to function in the manner that God intended. The truth of Scripture is given to us for living. We may own every version of the Scriptures that is available and not be profited one bit. We must be doers of the Word. Debates can be multiplied regarding the correct way to translate The Bible, but it is the power of the Word of God to effect the changes in our thinking and actions that is so critical today.

Secondly we must remember there remain countless people in the world even today, who have never owned or seen a copy of the Scriptures. How grateful we must be to God for the privilege of having His word in our own language. However, just like Martin Luther, William Tyndale and even King James, there must be the determination to make the Word of God available to all peoples of the world in a language they can understand.

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